Link Up Letters

Would you like to be part of Link Up Letters where something as simple as writing a letter can help isolated people who are currently not able to visit or be visited by friends or family? By becoming part of Link Up Letters you can – just some of the feedback from the letters already written “a huge boost” & “it’s been such a difficult time but the letters have really helped”. There are 100s of people in care homes and supported living accommodation across the Bradford District who have had little contact (and will continue to have little contact) with people from outside for many months. A friendly, cheerful letter from you could make a big difference to them. If you can spare a few minutes to write by email or put pen to paper twice a month, we would love to hear from you. If you have never written a letter before or you’re a bit out of practice, don’t let that put you off because we can provide some simple guidelines to get you started.¬†Suitable for all ages.¬† email or ring 07904953864

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