Inclusive Volunteering

Volunteering should be open & accessible to all.

We work to ensure equality of opportunity for all people to volunteer in ways that are right for them, with the support that each person needs to make volunteering possible.

If you experience barriers or discrimination whilst volunteering, please let us know.

We can offer extra support if you are struggling to access volunteer opportunities.

Practical support:

  • We can find the perfect opportunity for you based on your skills and interests
  • We can contact the organisation on your behalf
  • We can help you complete application forms
  • We can take you to visit organisations
  • We can arrange a taster/trial session
  • We can provide interpreting or translation support
  • We can provide ongoing support whilst you are volunteering with a trained support assistant.

To find out more about our inclusive volunteering support project please email / phone/text  / 07904953864

Inclusive Volunteering Need some extra support?